Walk-in Clinic

In today’s world, emergency rooms are often overcrowded with patients who may not necessarily be having a true medical emergency but could not wait to be seen by their primary care provider. With this came the birth of Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics all across our country. While this appears to be a new concept for most health care facilities, this model is nothing new to us. Being a small-town, family-owned business since 1959, we have always offered same day service for those who call in for a quick appointment. We always reserve emergency blocks of time in our schedules for the severe cases that cannot wait, as well as weekend emergency calls, same day appointments and walk-in access depending on our scheduled patients.

While we do offer walk-in access, if a patient already has a scheduled appointment they will be given first priority. The best option is always to call 607-962-3387 or email corning@corningchiro.com to limit your wait time for your same day appointment.

When your back or neck is hurting, sometimes waiting for days or weeks to be seen is not an option. At Corning Chiropractic Associates, we are proud to be here for you if you or a loved one need us (just as we always have been).

Corning Chiropractic Walk-In Clinic