Rehabilitative Services

In addition to spinal manipulation, we may suggest certain therapeutic modalities. Among these are:

Heat or Ice

These can be applied at home to offer pain control during an episode of increased pain.

Home Exercise

Generally, exercises are used to improve range of motion, create stretch, or to improve body mechanics. This is such an important aspect of care that we have given it a special page within this website – Flexibility, Ergonomics, and Motion.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

This is a small electrical device which is worn over the painful areas. It is good for muscular pain.

Therapeutic Massage

This is a technique which is performed manually. It is used to provide stretch and reduce spasm.


This provides a deeper heat to an injured area. It has shown some benefit in the treatment of tendonitis, non-acute joint swelling, and muscle spasm.

Suppliers We Partner With


We are suppliers of Biofreeze,  a camphor and menthol gel that can be applied at home to the muscles and joints for inflammation and pain control.

Chiropractic Rehabilitative Services
Corning Chiropractic Rehabilitative Services