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Dr. David Kartzman

Dr. David Kartzman

Dr. David Kartzman is a 1984 graduate of Rutgers University as a chemistry major.  Prior to attending chiropractic school, he worked in the field of analytical chemistry.  He is a 1989 graduate of New York Chiropractic College.  In chiropractic school he made Dean’s List and was a teaching assistant in the anatomy labs.  In clinic he was selected to be Director’s Assistant.

He has brought a distinct, innovative aspect to our practice by developing newer techniques (Stretch Receptor Based Care) and exercise programs which are specific to each patient (Flexibility, Ergonomics and Motion).  He has developed a continuing education course based on these techniques and exercises.

Teaching is a passion.  Dr. Kartzman has had the pleasure and opportunity to provide education both to chiropractic and medical doctors of multiple specialties.  He has lectured on topics which include evaluation and treatment of lower back pain as well as care collaboration between multiple spine specialties.

For our patients, he has utilized this teaching passion as an important part of care.  We know that care can be more effective when a person has a better understanding of their pain and their care.

Dr. Kartzman recognizes how important it is for people with back and neck problems to be active participants in their care.  He is innovative and has made professional associations such as his membership in NASS (North American Spine Society: Section of Rehabilitation, Interventional and Medical Spine –  He is the only chiropractic doctor in the Corning/Elmira area to be selected as a NASS member.

Dr. Kartzman and Dr. Denise Nicastro are happily married with three children.  In his free time, he works with his son’s Corning Inc. robotics team as a team mentor and is a member of the Corning Rotary.