Massage Therapy

We are so pleased to have Renee Woodruff, LMT, and Pam Yaple, LMT, of Corning Massage and Wellness at our 83 W. Pulteney Street location. Renee and Pam specialize in medically focused massage that promotes therapeutic change and rehabilitation. We invite you to take a few moments to check out their website.

Corning Massage and Wellness

“It is a symbiotic relationship to have both chiropractic care and massage therapy. At Corning Massage & Wellness, we highly recommend combining chiropractic adjustments to your massage. It’s especially good to get a massage before your next adjustment; this helps loosen up tight muscles and tendons and allows for a more of a full and better adjustment.” ~ Renee Woodruff, LMT, owner of Corning Massage & Wellness

Corning Massage and Wellness at Corning Chiropractic