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June 13, 2020 Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Information

Hi Everyone,

Well, we received the great news on Friday, June 12th that the Southern Tier of NY was officially in Phase 3. For the past 3 months, we have been authorized to see emergency patients for chiropractic services. We now are authorized to see all patients for essential and non-essential services and are excited to have our team back starting next week.

Our office is looking different and we were hoping these modifications would only be temporary, but they will remain in effect at this time for the safety of our patients and our staff.

  1. We will be asking if you or any one in your family has had exposure or currently have Covid-19.
  2. Are you running a fever, having general body aches, cough or shortness of breath—aside from your back or neck symptoms?
  3. We will be asking if you have had any new loss of taste or smell.
  4. We will ask if you have recently traveled out of the region. We are delaying scheduling appointments for 2 weeks of travelers.
  5. We will be checking temperatures upon entering the office.
  6. We will ask you to wash your hands upon entering our office.
  7. We are requiring mandatory face covering usage to enter our office and for the entire time you are in the office.
  8. We will be wearing masks.
  9. We have enclosed our front desk with plexi-glass and have an area marked to stand away from the desk to ensure your safety as well as our staffs.
  10. We have removed the magazines from our waiting room.
  11. We currently are using our parking lot as the waiting room, have removed most of the furniture from our waiting room and will be having patients call from the parking lot when they arrive for their appointment. You will be asked to wait in the car until it is clear to have you come in the building. You will be met at the door for screening and then escorted directly to your treatment room.
  12. We are requesting that all family members, unless the patient is a minor or needs family assistance, wait in the car to assist with social distancing recommendations.
  13. Our office practice is to sanitize every surface that is contacted by our patients while they are at our office to maintain the best safety practices for our community.
  14. We have now been authorized to provide Telemedicine services by many insurances and have been working on the protocol to provide this option for our patients as well.

While it saddens us to have to implement these temporary protocols, we take seriously the trust you have placed in us to keep our community safe and just know that Corning Chiropractic Associates have your “Back” just like always. Welcome back!!!!

Best regards,

Dr. David Kartzman, Dr. Denise Nicastro & the Corning Chiropractic Team

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