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January 1, 2021 Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Information

Hi Everyone,

Things are going well and, along with the rest of our community, we have accommodated to our new norm. We have modified some of our protocols and it remains a daily work in progress. We are thankful for your continued patience and, with flu season coming soon, these are the most recent Covid-19 protocols for Corning Chiropractic Associates.

  1. We will be asking if you or any one in your family has had exposure or currently have Covid-19.
  2. We will be asking if you or any family members are currently in quarantine.
  3. Are you running a fever, having general body aches, cough or shortness of breath—aside from your back or neck symptoms? We are asking if you have a new cough, please delay treatment in our office until you see your doctor.
  4. We will be asking if you have had any new loss of taste or smell.
  5. We will ask if you have recently traveled from a quarantined state. If you have, then we will delay scheduling appointments for 2 weeks from the date of traveling.
  6. We will be checking temperatures upon entering the office.
  7. We will ask you to wash your hands upon entering our office.
  8. We are requiring mandatory nose and mouth face covering usage to enter our office and for the entire time you are in the office. We will be wearing masks as well.
  9. We have enclosed our front desk with plexi-glass and have an area marked to stand away from the desk to ensure your safety as well as our that of our staff.
  10. We have removed the magazines from our waiting room.
  11. We currently will be having patients call from the parking lot when they arrive for their appointment. We have returned some of our furniture but limiting the access to the building based on volume. We will not allow more than 4 people in the waiting room at the same time.
  12. We are requesting that all family members, unless the patient is a minor or needs family assistance, wait in the car to assist with social distancing recommendations.
  13. We are able to provide Telemedicine services.
  14. At this time, we have discontinued Walk-In appointments until further notice.

While it saddens us to have to implement these temporary protocols, we take seriously the trust you have placed in us to keep our community safe and just know that Corning Chiropractic Associates has your “Back” just like always.

Best regards,

Dr. David Kartzman, Dr. Denise Nicastro & the Corning Chiropractic Team

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