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Dr. Denise Nicastro

Dr. Denise Nicastro – Reflections

Being a 3rd generation doctor of chiropractic, I have grown up around the chiropractic profession my entire life. This is a practice started by my father. From the age of 10, I helped at the desk and learned the ropes from the bottom up. I remember being intrigued by watching my father.

My father had a way of compassion and interaction with his patients. One of the things he taught me (and others he has mentored) is that we need to take time with our patients and show interest in their lives and stories. In this third generation, I try to offer the same respite for our patients. In a world of fast paced and impersonal health care, this is a constant challenge.

When people see me in the office, especially the big, burly men, they are skeptical that someone my size can help them. Being trained by my father, I have learned the methods and technique required to dispel this myth. My scope of techniques include the Diversified Method, Activator, and Flexion-distraction.

Is it any wonder my practice is truly a family practice? I have husbands refer wives and wives refer their husbands. I see the parents, grandparents, and in-laws as well as cousins and aunts and uncles.

At the end of the day I truly hope I have made a difference. After almost 30 years in practice, it still means a lot to have someone tell me they feel better or that I made a difference. As a part of this community my entire life, I enjoy continuing to try and give back. Though my Dad has passed, I carry the lessons and knowledge he taught me each and every day, not only about chiropractic, but about how to be a better doctor, a better advocate and a friend to all that need a helping hand.