Chiropractic: Team Care Approach

First, and foremost, we understand you are in our office because of your pain and your concerns. From our experience, your prognosis is the best when you become an active participant in all aspects of your care. We like to review our findings and impressions with you so you can make informed decisions. This is an important aspect to treating spinal problems.

What is Team Care?

Our chiropractic doctors are strong believers in a teamwork approach to care. We call this cohesive care. This is based on the reality that some cases are more complicated than others. Some people will require referrals to medical specialties such as neurology, orthopedics, pain management or neurosurgery. Since referral to a specialist can be an anxious time, we like to educate our patients so they have an understanding of what they can expect prior to the specialist visit. This has been shown to make people feel more at ease with the next step.

As stated in our mission statement… it is all about the doctor/patient partnership and the team care approach.